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Bicycle Mud and Dirt Cover bike.tub bike garage storage tarp
Bicycle Mud and Dirt Cover bike.tub bike garage storage tarp
MSRP: $39.99
Price: $25.00
Savings: $14.99


Bike.Tub waterproof Bicycle Wheel/Frame cover

The bike.tub offers you a 'clean affair'.

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From the pictures alone, it may be hard to understand how these work, so we'd like to explain how it is used.

The bike.tub is actually an inverted bike cover, which is specially shaped to fit around the wheels and keep the water and dirt from your bike falling on your clean carpets or car interior. It is shaped like a canoe or a bathtub with an elastic cord pull-rope to tighten it around your wheels. The light-weight nylon material is coated with polyurethane on the inside to make it waterproof. When the cover is not being used it is folded inside out into its own stuff sack and zippered shut, just like a wind breaker jacket. The size is large enough for both mountain and road bikes.

  1. Lay cover flat on the ground with the opening on top, so you can see the middle seam.
  2. Roll your bike over the cover, centered on the middle seam.
  3. While holding one brake lever, reach down and pull the front edge of the elastic cord up over the top curve of your front wheel.
  4. While holding the saddle so the bike doesn't roll, reach down and pull up the back edge of the elastic cord over the top curve of your rear wheel.
  5. Pull the elastic shock cord tight enough to hold the cover on.
  6. Pull the sides of the cover up around the pedals and join the two pieces of velcro fasteners in the middle of the frame triangle.
  7. To remove, simply loosen the elastic cord and drop the cover to the ground around the bike, so you can wheel the bike away.
red bike tub cover black bike tub cover
red bike tub cover The cover material is a very high-quality nylon that will stand up to years of use. It can be machine washed (cold) and should be air dried. Although the material itself is waterproof, the seam at the bottom is double stitched, but not taped, which means any standing water will eventually drip through. That said, I've tested this by filling the bag with water from the hose, so it was sloshing around. The pressure was enough to cause the water to slowly drip out of the seam. The dirt and drops from a bike that was just ridden in the rain would easily be held back by this cover.
This cover is very popular in Europe where people's apartments are much smaller and space is at a premium. Often expensive bikes are not stored outdoors or in the cellar where they could rust or freeze, but rather in the living room or bedroom. The bike.tub can be wrapped around the bike before bringing it into the apartment. Please take a closer look at the pictures included.

packing bike tub covercord stop with elastic

Suggested Retail Price: $25.00
Size: 76x26" 193x66cm (fits all style bikes: mtb,road, touring)
Color: Silver/Black (red is no longer available)
net. Weight: 11 oz. ( 320 gms.)
Packed size: 9x9 inches (23x23cm). (folded into integrated pouch).
Packing: poly bag.

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