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O-synce ScreenEye X Head-up Display Sports Visor

O-synce ScreenEye X Head-up Display Sports Visor
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o-synce Screeneye X Sports Visor

With your screeneye x sports visor the training is even more fun! The innovative heads-up display allows you to visualize your training data through your field of vision.

Using any ANT+ sensor the screeneye x can display all training data such as heart rate, speed, distance, stop times, lap times, training zones and coaching tips right in to your field of vision. The display is illuminated by way of a light collection film integrated into the visor, granting superb contrast and easy readability regardless of lighting. Any commercially available ANT+ sensor or original accessory from o-synce may be connected to the screeneye x to measure heart rate, distance and speed. All training data can be exported to the PC via the micro USB connection.

data4vision Concept

data4vision is the innovative concept for the visualization of traning data into your field of vision. The ultralight computer and heads-up display are placed inside the sports visor, which allows you continuous control and analysis of your training.

Training with Heart Rate

The adjustable heart frequency zone which is shown by a visual indicator, allows a continuous control of your heart rate. Always have an eye on your workout and stay in the ideal training range.

Run Differently

Together with optional maxrun speed pod you can measure your speed and distance accurately.

The Trainer in your Vision

The trainer function will allow you to set up a flexible training regime in advance. Just download your preset workout and let the screeneye x guide you through your training.

Analyzing with your pc

Via Micro-USB and traininglab software you can easily document your training data, analyze your progress or simply have a look at some interesting statistics. Why not compare your current workout with previous training sessions or have a look at how the weather influences your performance? The traininglab doesn't cost you anything but is an exciting tool for analysis and further improvement of your strength and endurance.

If you are a POLAR user, the polar-plugin gives you the possibility to transfer your training data from the polar-software or carry on using your polar products with traininglab.

Train like a pro with Trainingsplan.com

Trainingsplan.com provides the possibility to create training schedules which adapt to your needs. If you are ill or have no time for your workout, the schedule will be recalculated. Many details in your life may influence your training schedule. With an accommodating schedule you'll always make the best out of your workout.

General Functions

  • Time
  • Measurement of the actual ambient temperature

Training Time Functions

  • Stop watch
  • Lap times
  • Auto lap time after time target
  • Auto lap time after distance target

Heart Rate Functions

  • Current heart rate
  • Average heart rate
  • Maximum heart rate
  • Adjustable heart rate zone
  • Passed time under/in/over heart ratezone
  • Visual heart rate alarm
  • Calorie consumption

Trainer Function

  • Complete a preset workout

Running Functions

  • Speed (km) / pace (min/km)
  • Max. speed (km) / pace (min/km)
  • Average speed (km) / pace (min/km)
  • Stepcounter / step frequency
  • Average step frequency
  • Maximum step frequency
  • Running distance

Data Transmission

  • Heart rate sensor with digital 2,4 Ghz ANT+ radio transmission
  • Running speed pod with digital 2,4 Ghz ANT+ radio transmission

Product Contents

  • Sports visor screeneye x
  • Hard case
  • Micro-USB Cable

User Guides

Quick-start guide screeneye x (EN)

Quick-start guide screeneye x (DE)

User guide screeneye x (EN)

User guide screeneye x (DE)

Manufacture: o-synce

O-synce Product Introduction for screeneye X head-up display
Intro in German
O-synce feeling video filmed in Munich's olympic park

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