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Large Ultra Microfiber Camp Bath Towel in mesh bag, blue, anti-bacterial

Large Ultra Microfiber Camp Bath Towel in mesh bag, blue, anti-bacterial
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Ultra Microfiber Towel

Ultra Microfiber Towel Chamois in mesh bag,
with anti-bacterial treatment

You have probably heard the term "microfiber" material and wondered what it really means. The thinner the fiber, the softer and more absorbtive the material. Well these towels are manufactured at a high-tech factory in Korea and not China of Ultra Microfiber woven polyester. The size of the "ultra" fiber is less than 1/100 of a strand of hair. The "split" threads are also triangular in their cross-section, which makes them much more efficient in absorbing water, dust or oil of the surface. See the comparison of the fibers below
These towels are as smooth as a baby's bottom and stay that way evern after washing and drying out. They are not like the Speedo(r) swim towels, which dry as hard as cardboard
Dr. Bacty protection The towel is also treated with an anti-bacterial (silver), so that even after washing many times, the germs are still being killed, which reduces stinky odors. See the test results with and without the treatment here
  • Compact highly absorbant towel for travel or training
  • Cosmetic towel
  • Baby towel (no chemicals are applied)
  • Drying off cars after washing.
  • Dusting of fine surfaces that shouldn't be scratched.
  • Size 63.5X150 cm (25x59") bath size!!
  • Weight for towel, bag only 220gm!!
  • packaged in black mesh bag (aprox. 3x5") with pull-cord closure.
  • Color: as shown, blue
  • Available in smaller sizes also.
  • Anti-Bacterial Treatment, no bad odors!
  • 85% ultra fine microfiber polyester, 15% Nylon
  • Highly absorbtive (three times a normal towel)
  • Quick drying, just wring out
  • Stays soft to the touch when wet or dry (doesn't harden)
  • Durable and machine waschable without deteriation

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