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25 gm CO2 cartridge threaded Luft refill air gun paintball pump

Threaded CO2 cartridge 25 gm air gun paintball pump grm
MSRP: $11.00
Price: $8.50
Savings: $2.50

Finally we found the right size cartridge for the larger MTB tires and 29er wheels, so you can get full pressure and keep rolling.  
If you need  replacement cartridges for your pump, adapter, gas guns or even paintball guns, we have them.  These will work with our mini pump or those that require a threaded cylinder from Innovations Microflate, Ultraflate, Mosquito Magnet, AirChuck, Planet Bike, Lezyne and many more.
We sell a "CO2 regulator" that allows slowly filling a tire and keeping rest for a 2nd tire. Search or store for this item.
25 gram size (referring to the weight of the gas inside the cylinder)
3/8"-24UNF thread (standard fits all cycling valves and pumps).
Weight:  3.4 oz. (97gms) for full CO2 cartridge.
Length x Diameter: 4.18 x 1.0 inches.
not recommend for road tires, without a control valve inflator  ( will fill 2x with aprox. 80psi: 700x23, 700x25, 650x20). A full blast will most likely blow the tire off the rim at 160psi, unless you are running tubular race tires.
Aprox. inflation pressure for various tire sizes: 700C cross = 80psi, 26" MTB= 60 psi or 2x with 30psi, 29" MTB= 45psi, 20" BMX= 2x with 40psi.

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