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16gm CO2 cartridge threaded Luft refill

16gm Luft threaded CO2 cartridge refill
MSRP: $3.50
Price: $2.20
Savings: $1.30

16 gram size (referring to the weight of the gas inside the cylinder) 3/8 thread. Weight: 2 oz. (56gms) for full CO2 cartridge. Length 3.25" Diameter .75". The Diameter of the 16gm is larger than the 12gm cartridges (also sold here), so make sure you get the right size for your inflator. Tire inflation capacities: 700x23-130 PSI 700x25-120 PSI 650x20- 180 PSI 650x23-170 PSI This cartridge works with all inflators using threads, Genuine Innovations, Ultraflate, Ultraflate Plus, Ultraflate Pro, Microflate, Air Chuck, SecondWind IH, SecondWind MTB, Lezyne. Also works with the Mosquito Magnet and is food grade CO2.

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