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Rotary Butterfly Draw Latch Southco K4
Rotary Butterfly Draw Latch Southco K4
MSRP: $15.00
Price: $8.90
Savings: $6.10


Rotary Butterfly Draw Latch with Special Protective Ramp

Retrofit your B&W Bike.box 1 with these positive latching rotary locks! The old pop-up latches are sometimes hard for the TSA to close properly after inspection, so these rotary latches will add peace of mind when travelling with your expensive bike.

Draw latches are extremely versatile latches that can be used anywhere, from equipment cases and toolboxes to RVs and garbage cans. High working loads, convenient mechanical advantage, and compact size are common advantages that make rotary draw latches a good choice for co-planar applications where space and strength are important functional considerations. There are dozens of names these locks go by: butterfly latches, wing locks, cam latches, rotary locks. Use the dimensions and specifications in the diagram below to see if these will fit your application.

These are surplus latches which are used in the construction of B&W Bicycle and Tool cases. You can find more about the company here.

These latches are compatible with the K4 Southco latches item number K4-2359-07 (K4-2338-07 is the standard keeper).
Hex head design provides added strength and allows latch to be tightened with hex wrench. Spring loaded anchor plate compensates up to 4mm (.156") for misalignment

We are selling each latch with a special one-piece moulded ramp to protect the lock from sliding and baggage handlers. You can use it or not, depending on your application.
We also include a specially formed keeper plate, which is designed to mount flush on the edge of an aluminum profile, as shown in the pictures.
If you prefer a flat, standard keeper plate (K4-2338-07), we have some in stock and can swap them out 1:1 for the black, formed keeper, which will be the default shipped, if we don't get an email from you. Take a close look at the high quality construction of this item. All the edges are smooth and sharp edges have been rounded and polished.
  • Color: bright silver
  • Functions: Rotary Draw Latch with no key lock (we also carry a keyed version).
  • Operation: lift and turn
  • Consistent pull-up with spring.
  • Material & finish: Zinc plated steel chromate dip
  • Load Capacity: 600 lbs
  • Closed length: 2.11" (54mm)
  • Open Length: 2.42" (61 mm)
  • Size: medium
  • Weight with keeper plate: 6 oz.
  • Made in China with quality
  • Compatible Item No. Southco K4-2359-07 (locking version K4-2833-07)
These are brand new items. We have 100s of these in stock, so ask for a discount on large volume orders.

Click on pictures below for enlarged version (in new window). Latch is shown in a typical application, pulling two aluminum profiles together for a tight seal. This is an airline case used to hold expensive bicycle wheels.

mechanical spec
sample mechanical of the locking version of this latch, showing flat keeper (not our moulded version)

See additional images of how this is mounted on the case in the details on this item page.

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