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White Bari Saxophone harness neoprene shoulder pad Tenor Alto Sax

White Bari Saxophone harness neoprene shoulder pad Tenor Alto Sax
MSRP: $19.90
Price: $17.90
Savings: $2.00

These custom harnesses were designed and manufactured by my company.  I don't play sax, but have played trumpet for about 30 years now.  I've heard it all from the sax players and just had to do something about their whining about sore necks.  Together with some of my sax friends I developed and tested this version of a padded neck strap.  After we had the design worked out, I decided to make some colors to help match the required gig clothes (red, black and white).
In fact, one of the key ideas behind the white strap is that most gigs require a white shirt, so this will blend thoroughly.
Perfect for standing gigs or marching band.
Works with any sax. (Ideal for Alto to Bari saxophones)
These are heavy duty harnesses that use a smooth polypropylene webbing (3/4" wide), with side-release buckles for quick on and off.
There are 4 adjustment sliders, two for the length and two for the side width.
The clasp is a brass spring-loaded closed hook, which can be quickly clipped to the horn like a carabineer.  It has an extra large diameter (5/8" inside) for a smooth fit on any horn.  The clap doesn't have any sharp edges that could damage your horn, like the release slide on some 'dog leash' clips.
The neck pad is 3" wide and wraps around. They are sewn to the straps so they will not slide about. The padding is Neoprene rubber, not bulky, and conforms to the contour of your shoulders.
These are designed for adults of "full" dimensions (see pictures), but are so adjustable, that you can shrink them down to a kids size.
All the colors have matching pieces so they will blend well with your clothes.  Available in Black and White.

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