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timing strap, MYLAPS CC

timing strap, MYLAPS CC
MSRP: $4.90
Price: $4.25
Savings: $0.65

Anybody that has been racing triathlons since the inception of electronic timing has probably experienced the "snake bite" scar from the plain Velcro straps that most organizers provide with their rented timing chips. If not, let me explain. The sharp edges of the Velcro strap wear into your skin around the ankle and leave nice long cuts that take months to heal. The constant movement of the muscles, tendons and skin around the ankle cause the strap to always be in movement.  A plain Velcro strap doesn't have any give or flex, allowing it to move with your body.

I designed, developed and tested these straps together with many of the event timers, so that us triathletes have one less thing to worry about.  The neoprene rubber strap can be tightened to fit a wide range of ankles, but still allows enough flex to move with the body. The timing chip is firmly mounted on the strap and held in place with an additional piece of Velcro.  These straps were designed with the champion chip system in mind, but might also work for other competing systems.  They can also be used for mounting the chip on the down tube of bikes.

Sorry, we don't sell any timing chips, but you can buy them directly at ChampionChip or your event.
Size:  9.5" long x 1.63" wide  (24x4.3 cm)
Fits Ankles:  6-10.25" (15-26 cm) in circumference.

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