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Zippered Bento Lunch Box powerbar powergel holder

Zippered Bento Lunch Box powerbar powergel holder
MSRP: $13.00
Price: $11.70
Savings: $1.30

This small but practical little bag was originally made for PowerBar Europe to give away at Triathlon races. Whatever your energy source of choice, be it Squeezy, Hammer, Cytomax, GU, Carb Boom or Clif, this bag allows you to carry small snacks in an aerodynamic manner directly behind your headset. These bags are often referred to as a "bento box", which is the japanese term for a lunch box. The bag attaches with 4 velcro straps to any bike's top tube, even oversized tubes. It will hold about three PowerBars and two gels without stuffing it, more if you want to pack it in. Zippered to prevent everything from flying out over bumpy roads.  The bag has a 5mm EVA foam stiffener sewn in to keep things from flopping about. There is a small pocket at the rear intended to hold lip balm or sunscreen.

These are brand new items.  No logo is printed on these.
Color: black, no logo
Size: Size: 13x7x4.50cm
Weight for one is about 2.8 ounces
Material  rip-stop nylon/PU coating
Machine washable

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