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Bicycle carry bag model GROUND bikebag.com carrier cover

Bicycle carry bag model GROUND bikebag.com carrier cover
Bicycle carry bag model GROUND bikebag.com carrier cover
MSRP: $65.90
Price: $59.30
Sale Price: $60.90
Savings: $6.60

Bikebag.com travel bags for bicycles

BikeBag.com GROUND Version

bike transport bag
inside bag
Use this low-cost bicycle cover bag to transport or protect your bike in the car or train.
You can also use this bag to keep your bike dust free in storage.
The heavy-duty material is configured with 4 webbing grips and a shoulder strap, to ease transport. The bag is closed with an oversized (#10) zipper. The corners are protected against wear and tear by a plastic sleeve. The bottom of the bag has no stiffener, so it can be completely rolled up. There are plastic feet riveted to the bottom that protect the material from abrasive wear when sliding.

When travelling by train (especially in Europe on the TGV, IC or other express trains), you are required to have your bike stowed in a cover/case. This carry bag can be completely rolled up and stowed in a locker or pannier when not in use, since it has no padding or stiffeners.

It is easy to quickly stow your bike into this bag, even with large frames. It allows for safe transport and storage and prevents frame scratches. The greasy chain can be entirely covered with the included 'chain cover bag', which we developed for this purpose. The front and rear wheels are removed and held in the side pockets, while the entire frame is slipped into the bag, saddle down.

chain bag There are wheel pockets on either side of the main compartment to keep the frame from being scratched. They are held up by adjustable velcro straps.
hand grip
side shoulder strap
Excellent workmanship with reinforced hand grips, oversized #10 zipper and a removable padded shoulder strap.
ID holder Clear ID Pocket for your address or business card.
chain bag
chain bag
Each carry bag includes one 'chain bag'. The 'chain keeper' is an optional device for hanging the chain using a QR clamp. The Keeper is used to tension the chain without the rear wheel, which prevents the chain from scratching the frame and falling off the chain ring. The Chain Bag is used to cover up the greasy chain and rear deraileur. This is a unique feature, that can only be found in our line of bags.
chain bag
chain bag
Chain Bag: Keeps the grease where it belongs.
We don't recommend using this bag to store your bike outside in the elements. Even though the material is waterproof, the zipper is not and rain water could penetrate it. In addition, the constant warming and cooling by the sun will cause condensation inside the bag, which could lead to rusting and corrosion.

This is not a padded bag and is therefore not intended for shipping your bike or for airline travel. You may do so at your own risk. It has been done, but the user added their own padding all around the bike. For airline travel we recommend the bikebag.com AIR model, which can be found in our store along with other hard cases.

Included in each delivery:
Complete cover bag and chain bag.
  • Rolls up without any stiffeners for easy storage
  • Material: 600 Denier Polyester with PVC backing.
  • Dimensions: 124x96x25 cm (49.6 x 36.6 x 9.8 Inches)
  • Net Weight: 2.3 kgs or 5 lbs. (including chain bag)
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