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bike chain condom cover guard in blue bikebag.com

bike chain condom cover for car or train, BLUE bikebag.com
MSRP: $19.90
Price: $15.00
Savings: $4.90

This handy and unique cover bag slides over the front chain ring and wraps up the chain along with rear derailer to keep things clean and your bike from getting scratched. Suitable for both MTB and Road bikes. This item is also part of the complete Bikebag.com transport bag, but can be bought separately as needed. People use them when putting their bike into the car or transporting it in a bag or box.
This is the newest revised edition with a special slit, which allows the pedal to remain on and still keep things clean. It is also more padded than older versions.
The Wide Velcro straps allow easy adjustment.
We sell complimentary item called a 'chain keeper' that will allow you to remove the rear wheel and keep the chain in place with a quick-release. Search our store for this item.

  • Size: 29x61cm or 11.4x24 Inches
  • Color: As seen in the picture, outside blue, inside silver.
  • Material: Constructed of heavy 600 Denier Polyester, padded, with a silver smooth PU/mesh backing.

Instructions: Place the round pocket of the cover over the large chain ring with the print side facing out and the square end covering the drive train and derailer. Put the pedal through the pedal slot now if you are not taking the them off. The two strips of Velcro at the top should wrap over the drive train and chain stay (frame) and connect with the other strips of Velcro at the bottom, make it however tight it needs to be to stay on. The cover will fold over a bit. Then pull the rear flap and two velcro straps around the derailer to cover it and form a pocket. The velcro straps will attach to the forward flaps, where there is a soft velcro pad. This should completely cover your drive train to prevent oil from rubbing off on your bike bag or wherever you have your bike stored.

chain bag cover
mounting of chain bag cover
chain bag cover
mounting of chain bag cover
chain bag cover
mounting of chain bag cover

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