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B&W Hybrid Bike transport bag case, 4 wheels, bikebag.com
B&W Hybrid Bike transport bag case, 4 wheels, bikebag.com
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MSRP: $400.00
Price: $350.00
Savings: $50.00

bike.bag hybrid travel case with wheels bike bag
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Congratulations, you've found the manufacturer of the most sold bike case in Europe. B&W is a German company that has been manufacturing quality hard cases for decades. You can read more about them on their homepage. All images can be enlarged by clicking them. Packing tips are included below.
This is one of the largest cases you will find on the market. Besides fitting any size bike, including larger dowhill bikes and even many of the Scott Plasma CR1 fixed (integrated) seat tubes, there is plenty of room for all your (triathlon) gear.
Item: Bike.bag closed bag

Product description:

  • moulded 4.4mm ABS plastic bottom shell.
  • welded aluminum 'anti-shock frame' (ASF) for mounting the bike (wheels are no longer mounted here, but put in wheelbags).
  • The ASF has an adjustable front mount for any size bike, includes Quick-Releases!
  • Includes two padded wheel bag pockets suitable up to 29er wheels.
  • Upper bag portion is well padded 600Denier Polyester material
  • 49.6" wide, 33.5" tall and 12.6" deep (internal)
  • 126x85x32 cm internal
  • External with bike packed inside: 132x84x39cm 52x33x15"
  • light 20 pounds (With ASF frame) / 9kg. (leaves 30 lbs for your bike and gear before airline 50lbs limit)
special features:
  • Will fit any bike frame including downhill bikes (an optional through-axle 'lefty' kit is available for $20).
  • 2-way zipper can be locked (not recommended by TSA)
  • The ASF frame holds the bike in position, but is floating inside the 'tub' so it can absorb any impact to the sides.
  • All hardware is mounted with screws and can be replaced by user.
  • 4 in-line wheels are uni-directional, so case can only be rolled in a straight line.
  • Empty bag easily compacts and can be stowed away.
  • Suitable for smaller cars because of 'soft' edges.
additional de-
sign features:
  • Comes packed in a compact retail box, 52x12x13”, 25 lbs. shipping weight.
  • Some assembly required to install the wheels, using common tools.
  • Ships with UPS or FexEx ground without oversize, so it can ship easily anywhere in the world with USPS Priority Mail.
  • plenty off extra pockets for gear!
  • Quick. 10 min. packing, 5 min. unpacking.
  • Replacement for manufacturing defects within two years. This doesn't include normal wear and tear or damage from bagage handlers when travelling. You need to file an insurance claim with the carrier for this. We do stock replacement parts.

Here a sponsored professional from Whirlpool's road team using B&W's smaller bike.box case ...
sponsored team Whirlpool
...but also for Mountainbikes

compact form easy to ship and stowe
When shipped or empty is takes much less room than a normal case.
Close up pictures: | back to top |

A pull handle at the front is fixed with velcro A pull handle at the front is fixed with screws
Each case includes two carry handles on the side and one velcro pull-handle at the front. With four wheels the case is pulled easily through the airport, even over long distances. The lower handle can be used to pick up the front of the case over difficult terrain.

hub padding

The inside of each wheel pocket has a special protector to keep the axel from protruding.

bike mounted in open case
No need to remove handle bars. Simply mount the bike on the ASF and slide it into the case.

bike packed in case from top
Notice how the handle bars are turned downward, which protects the brake levers nd also the frame. The gear cog is facing the frame.

wide in-line wheels side view of in-line wheels wide in-line wheels

The in-line wheels are mounted by the user with a normal screw driver. They are positioned very wide, so the case will not easily tip over.

mounting on the ASF

A standard road bike mounted to the ASF (anti-shock frame). Note how the chain has been fixed with a cable tie.

Packing instructions: | back to top |

  1. Take the wheels out of the bike and put them aside.
  2. Shift the chain to be on the large front ring and the small cog on the back.
  3. Mount your frame with the rear dropouts first onto the ASF (anti shock frame) on the t-shaped piece (A) and tighten the quick relase to hold it in place. The chain should go around the 'T' mounting bracket on the ASF.
  4. Turn the handlebars by 90 degrees, so the fork dropouts align with the quick release located on the adjustable clamp (D) of the ASF.
  5. Adjust the angle of the fork bracket (E) so that the chain ring is not touching the ground. Tighten both the bracket (E) and then the quick release, so the bike is no firmly in position for transport.
  6. Check if your pedals extend beyond the sides of the ASF. If so, they should be removed. It's safer to take them off in any case, if you have the tool.
  7. Place your front wheel in one of the padded wheel pockets, after removing the quickrelease. Store the QR in the bag's pocket.
  8. Place your rear wheel in one of the padded wheel pockets, after removing the quickrelease. Store the QR in the bag's pocket. It's better to have the gear cassette facing in toward the frame, since the pocket is positioned so it will not hit the frame.
  9. Insert the bike frame and ASF into the case, so that the ASF is at the bottom of the case, and the rear derailer is over the larger in-line wheels. Test the fitting of the mounted frame into the case and make any required adjustments to the seat or handlebars. Adjusting the height of the saddle to hold the bag upright.
  10. Add any additional clothing, padding or other soft materials in the pockets around the frame to give it extra protection.
  11. Don't leave any loose items inside the case that might fly around and damage the bike frame. Everything should be secured in padded bags, boxes or similar. We also recommed using pipe insulation found in the hardware store for additional protection of yourr frame.
  12. The ASF includes an extra extension piece for the bracket (E), which is needed for mounting 'fully' or downhill forks. We sell an adapter 'lefty' kit for downhill bikes which use a through-axle system. It comes with adapters for every known size fork/axle.
  13. Close the two zipper pullers of the case, and lock them together with a TSA approved lock or a simple piece of bendable wire.
  14. Check your packing job and make sure there are no sharp objects poking inside or out of the pockets, which might damage your frame.
  15. We recommend not locking the case, due to security checks in the baggage area. If you do lock the case, they may be forced to break the locks open, if they are not special TSA locks.
  16. Don't forget to label your case with both your home and vacation address.
  17. Inspect your case for damage immediately after you arrive and make any insurance claims while you are still at the airport.

Two 'wheel pockets' are built into the bag. Additional wheel bags are $20 each with purchase of a case.
padded wheel guard bags

An additional accessory which is not included, but can be purchased in our store:
chain cover bagchain cover bag
A chain condom cover bag found in our online store or just add $10 each to your order.

anti shock frame ASF

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